Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blogging and Academic Identity

This article is very interesting as the writer Heide Estes speaks about how she transitions between writing with her scholarly voice compared to her voice of disability.  This article is a good example of how a blog can be written in different ways.  Heide demonstrates that the personal side of a blogger can come out in opinions and personal feelings, as she writes about things that affect her disability.

Estes writes about how most bloggers write narratively, like storytelling, to form an identify in their blog. Bloggers need a way to engage their followers and by adding personal touches to their blogs to help other identify with them.  Many times the things we blog about can intersect between personal and academia.  Estes sees nothing wrong with this.  Can you put too much personal stuff into your blog?  Is it like a diary for others to see and when is it too much? I like the idea of blogging to offer my voice to articles, and how my studies are going but I am not sure I would go the next step to write about my disability.  Of course I am so new to blogging, I have a very narrow opinion on this right now.

I understand the comments made by Estes in her conclusion regarding the feeling of writing into a vacuum.  I am always surprised to see that someone has commented on my blog and I am always eager to respond. Estes offers some advice for beginner bloggers to focus on writing in the beginning for non-academia, she suggest no use course shorthand and give full information to what your subject is.

Many more questions arise about blogging and how to use my voice after reading this article.  I am sure as I progress with this, I will find the right voice to get my message across.

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  1. Blogging is defiantly a different form of writing than I am used to. I assume that over time, with practice, blogging will become more natural and I will develop my own style and technique. Writing in a vacuum is certainly something that I can relate to. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and have been enjoying your posts!